Friday, September 17, 2010

...And The Wait Continues.

After waiting for one and a half hours in the clinic today, we finally got the results of Dad's PET scan:
the cancer hasn't spread. Thank god.
There's a small mass in Dad's thyroid gland, so we are looking at the possibility of another biopsy in the very near future, before they operate, to see what it is.

That's quite literally the only information we got out of today's appointment.
They were supposed to have presented Dad's case to a board of doctors, but they hadn't even gotten around to that almost THREE WEEKS after they got the results. We got the registrar, not the usual surgeon we deal with, and this kid couldn't have been much older than me and was an incompetent imbecile.
We were in and out in under 5 minutes- and he didn't even ask if we had any questions.
He practically turfed us out. Grr.

So like I said, other than that, we have no more news. No operation date, no nothing.
I love how organised our doctors and surgeons are this time round (please note the sarcasm).

Thank you all for your love, prayers and kind words, too. We appreciate them more than you could know.

We'll let you know as soon as we know anything.

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