Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Countdown

Hey everyone.

Just a quick update- Dad's operation has been pushed back to the 26th of October, and it is definately on.
The operation basically entails removing part of Dad's oesophagus and a large "ring" of tissue around the tumour. His thyroid gland will also be removed. The second part of the procedure will involve taking a vein from his left arm, and also a flap of skin from the same place, to rebuild his oesophagus. They may have to take some tissue from his leg or chest to "fill" the void left by the removal of the tumour. He will also need a skin-graft on his wrist (they will take skin from his thigh to replace the skin taken from his wrist for his oesophagal reconstruction, and let the wound on his thigh heal by itself).

FYI- They need to use skin from his wrist and not any where else. Not 100% sure why, but I'm learning that there is a method to their madness.

We've had some of the family over- it's been fantastic for Dad and for Mum and I.
We had Patrick over for three days (including Bathurst on the Sunday), and then after he left on Sunday night, we had to prepare for Syd and Bryan's (Bin) arrival on Monday night.
There has been so much shit-stirring and laughter- it's been totally fantastic.
I'm so glad they came over. I love you all <3.

We'll keep you all updated, as much as we can (I'm sorry I've been so lazy with my posting- I'll try and get my butt in to gear and keep you all in the loop).


  1. 26th isnt too far away!

    Hope you are enjoying all the time with your family, it really can bring out the best in people sometimes :)

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