Friday, October 1, 2010

Kicking Cancers Butt: The Tour Dates

So, we finally have some dates and details.

Monday 4th October: Biopsy
Monday 11th October: Results
Monday 11th October: Anaesthetist Appointment
Thursday 21st October: Operation

That's all we know at the moment.
We're all ok.

My Uncle "Pud" (Dad's brother Patrick) is coming over to WA from QLD on Thursday the 7th to Sunday the 10th. The next day (Monday 11th) Dad's other brothers, Syd and Brian, come over and stay til Thursday the 14th (well it's really 12.05am on Friday, but whatever. It'll be Thursday night when we leave to go to the airport).
Dad's really excited, and so are Mum and I.
It's always nice to have a visit from the family- and the boys will cheer Dad up no end (though I'm sure there will be the usual amount of shit-stirring that inevitably occurs when the Lynch family members congregate, however small the grouping!).
Haha, no seriously, we all can't wait for them to come over.
If you're reading this Uncles Pud, Bin and Syd, we have tea, coffee and biscuits at the ready.


  1. yes lots of whispering when families get together xxx

  2. My father recently just passed away from cancer in WA actually (he has 3 independent consectutive cancers so didn thave much of a chance)but having the family around was awesome, lighthearted humour and a few distractions are really what you need sometimes!

    My Dad had amazing care from his oncologists in WA, I hope your father gets the same!

    sending lots of well wishes

  3. Thank you so much for your well wishes Shannon. :)

    And my condolences to you and your family. I can't imagine what you're going through right now. Stay strong. xo