Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another Rollercoaster Ride

Hi All.

Dad's had another turn.
On Sunday (2nd January 2011), Dad had a small haemorrhage at home. It was only a small amount of blood he lost (think the "normal" persons nosebleed), but it scared the shit out of Mum and I (and Dad, obviously). We called Silver Chain and waited 45 minutes for them to come out (since our rep was in Maddington- she made bloody good time, too!) and check him out. It stopped by itself, so we went on with life as usual (although we were even more cautious as usual).

Dad still wasn't feeling 100% for the rest of the day, and he woke up yesterday (Monday 3rd January) still feeling off. He slept a lot of the day yesterday and about 6.00pm he woke up from yet another nap really feeling off. A little bit after that he suddenly said he felt cold, and started shivering uncontrollably (to the point of almost convulsing). Mum took his temperature and it was something like 38degrees (which is high- according to the nursing staff, anything over 37degrees is something to worry about). We were getting ready to drive him to the emergency department when he suddenly said he was super, super cold. We took his temperature again and it had hit 39.4degrees. We called an ambulance (which got here in record time!) and they carted him off to the ED.

We spent about 5 hours in the ED while the doctors ran tests, took bloods, etc. They called his oncologist and it was decided Dad would be admitted to hospital (Ward 10A, where he was last time). By the time we got up there and got Dad settled, Mum and I got home about 2.00am.

We got back into the hospital early this morning to catch the doctors. Dad wasn't looking too well (his fever keeps spiking then dropping from about 39.35 down to 37 and then back up) and he was really hot to touch.

Mid-to-late morning, Dad started haemorrhaging again. It wasn't a large bleed; it was smaller than the first two but greater in volume than the third on Sunday (I wasn't there for this; I'd just gone to my Aunty Robyn's to try and get a couple of hours sleep after weeks of Mum and I not sleeping). Ever since, he's been in and out of lucidity. Sometimes if you ask him the same question twice in a row he'll give you two different answers, or just doesn't understand what you're asking him. He is very weak.

According to Dad's oncologist, he will be in hospital indefinately- there is no way they can send Dad home the way he is (Dad's pushing to move his arm, let alone his whole body, anyway; he is bed-ridden).

I will keep you all posted, but as you all understand, I will hold off posting for a few hours, or even days, once I get news as I will ensure Dad's extended family in Queensland are informed so they don't have to find out through the internet.

I would once again like to thank everybody who reads the blog, whether or not you email me or leave a comment, for your thoughts, support and love. You are all amazing, wonderful people who make this crappy situation a little better for Mum, Dad and myself.

Until next time,

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