Saturday, February 12, 2011

No Need For A Post Title

Hi guys.

So, we've had better weeks. On Wednesday Dad had a small bleed, but it stopped itself. Then yesterday, Mum sent Dad a text just before we left to go see him asking him if he wanted the newspaper. "No, but bring tissues, I'm having a bleed" was his response. We rushed down there only to find out he had had FOUR bleeds over the course of the day, from 6.00am to his last one at about 3.45pm. The hospice hadn't rung us at the request of Dad- he didn't want to worry us (needless to say, we almost throttled him when we found out!). Dad was not very well and the nurses had sedated him. We stayed with him all last night and he was fine- tired, sleepy and lethargic, of course, but technically fine.

Mum and I went to go home this morning to get another change of clothes and have a shower and such, and as I was driving down the highway we get a call- Dad had just had another (massive) bleed, so I did a u-ie and drove back (we got about 3/4 of the way home!). This one was bigger than all of yesterdays combined, and he is really not well now. He is sleeping and heavily sedated. I'm over saying it's not looking good, so I'm just going to say we're sitting and waiting to see what will happen. Dad's never had so many bleeds so close together, so we don't know what to expect.

I'll let you all know how it goes.

Sorry if this is a bit rambling and incoherant, I don't function well on little sleep.


  1. Oh jess, you are amazing to be able to keep us all up to date at such a horrible time. Your dad is truly an amazing person and a wonder to behold! Stay strong Jess and let your heart be filled with the knowledge that your whole (very large) family is right there with you, even though we are thousands of kilometres apart! All my love to you, your mum and your very special dad!!! xxoo

  2. Jess, I can't imagine how difficult it must be for u to keep relaying this information to everyone via your posts. Although I've never met u, u seem like such a strong person. Thankyou for keeping us all informed. Not everyone will post comments, but please be assured that there are alot of people who love your Bazza. I know there is nothing that can be done, but I sincerely hope that he isn't in too much pain or discomfort. We are all thinking of him xxx Lorna (totals)